Unlimited possibilities with over 80 benefits


Discount merchandise
Instead of searching from store to store to find the best price, our discount merchandise allows for your members to receive a quote and know immediately that they have received the best deal, guaranteed.
Lowest price guarantee
If your members find an identical product to the one they purchased through the discount shopping service for less and submit valid proof of the lower price from an authorized retailer, we'll send them double-the-difference in price.
Extended warranty plan
For merchandise purchased through our shopping service, we will double the repair period of your member’s manufacturer’s warranty, up to an additional 12 months. Your members have 30 days from the time they have received their product to send proof of purchase, a copy of the manufacturer’s warranty and their membership number, group number and zip code. Then, they will receive confirmation of their product's registration, along with a special toll-free number, in the event they need service to their product.


Nurse hotline
Our toll-free 24/7 hotline is available with registered nurses standing by to assist your members. They will help identify your members' symptoms and recommend an appropriate course of action. Your members will receive medical recommendations from the convenience of their home.
Health information library
A medical dictionary at their fingertips to look up common health concerns and your members will be able to review these topics on a website or through a registered nurse on the phone. Look up any health related concern desired; we've got your members covered.
Fitness network
Your members will be able to join a health club, get a great rate and make it a family affair. With a simple login, they will be able to access gyms in their area so they can be well on their way to a healthier lifestyle.
Online Fitness and Nutrition Program
This web based program, created by David Greenwalt, shows your members the necessary steps to a comprehensive online weight loss, weight control and body transformation. Finally, your members will feel confident knowing they're saving time managing their weight when they have the right tools. They will soon see the results to a more confident individual.
Online Fitness Trainers
Develop a fitness routine that is tailored to your health goals, without the cost of a fitness trainer. With 24/7 online access to our fitness trainers, your members can receive personalized fitness routines, stretching exercises and advice on losing weight.
Online physicians
Say goodbye to regular doctor office hours. Your members can ask questions 24/7 and receive answers from trained and board certified physicians. With physicians at their fingertips, your members can avoid unnecessary doctor visits. Receive healthy tips and online assessments to pinpoint their health related concerns.
Vision plan
Your members and their families can enjoy immediate savings through a national network of discount eyewear. As a member, they'll also have access to ophthalmologists and laser centers across the United States and have the ability to receive discounts on eye exams and surgical procedures. In addition, all of our eyewear comes with a 30-day guarantee.
Discount contact lens
Members are eligible to participate in dramatic savings on replacement contact lenses. Get the exact lenses the doctor recommended for a lot less! All lenses are factory fresh and shipped in manufacturer's sealed sterile vials.
Online health manager
Take a glance at our assessment to identify the targeted risk areas by finding solutions for living a healthier lifestyle. Your members will find these quick assessments beneficial when they're learning about health related concerns. Lifestyle changes can be frightening, but to better their health, it's a necessity to take the proper actions toward living a more fruitful life. We'll send them newsletters, multimedia information, articles, tracking capabilities and calendars so they can track their lifestyle easier.
Oral healthcare program
Your members create their own oral healthcare record and track the oral health of their family with this convenient and easy-to-maneuver tool. They'll also be able to fill out questionnaires, receive detailed reports on their oral health, learn from our educational resources and receive alerts to see their dentist.
Medical equipment & supplies
We have all the medical equipment and supplies your members are looking for, whether it is walkers, wheelchairs, diabetic supplies, or fitness equipment. They also, have the ability to order their products over the phone or online where their products will be shipped directly to their home. As an added benefit, they'll be able to take advantage of their member discounts of 20-50% off retail medical equipment prices.
Beltone hearing discounts
Beltone, one of the premier hearing instruments, provides members and their families with substantial discounts and savings on all of their hearing needs.
Online pharmacists
Are your members looking to ask a pharmacist a question without the hassles of going to the drugstore? Our certified pharmacists are available to discuss drug interactions, drug dosages and potential side effects with your members. They'll feel at ease knowing they're getting the help they deserve.
Discount pharmacy card
We realize that it's increasingly difficult to purchase the prescription medications that are so vital to our well-beings. Our discount pharmacy card gives your members options and savings on their name-brand and generic brand prescription drugs.
Network pharmacy
Choose from over 57,000 pharmacies for all prescription needs. Receive no prescription drug exclusions and receive a new and refill prescription when desired. If a participating pharmacy is offering a special on any prescription, the pharmacy offers the sale price or special contracted price, whichever is lower. This way, they'll always be assured they're receiving the lowest costs on all of their prescriptions.
Mail-order pharmacy
With the soaring costs of prescription drugs, how can anyone save any money? Our mail-order pharmacy offers fast and friendly service along with saving tremendous amounts on the next prescription drug needed.
Mail-order hearing
Having a hearing impairment can be a major threat for one to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. Studies show that over 20% of adults over the age of 50 suffer from hearing loss. Subscribers on average save up to 50% off the normal retail costs.
Dental plan
Our dental plan gives your members and their families access to significant discounts on a wide array of dental services. Plus, they'll have access to thousands of dentists in their area. We offer average discount savings of 15% to 50%.
Online dentists
Going to the dentist can be extremely expensive. With our online dentist program, they can ask our licensed dentists questions regarding their oral healthcare. Whether they're inquiring about gum disease, flossing tips, cosmetic dentistry or how to avoid getting a cavity, they'll receive expert advice.
Chiropractic services
The chiropractic network comes with a free initial consultation and discounted access to our chiropractors within your member's selected area. If your members are happy with their current chiropractor, they may call one of our customer service representatives to request that their chiropractor joins our network. Your members can sit back and enjoy their visit, knowing that they're saving while having their chiropractic needs met.
Podiatry network
Our network providers are dedicated to the latest research and most advanced technology. A few services offered include bunion removal, ankle care, Diabetes foot care, corn surgery, fungus toenail and more. Foot pain can be excruciating, so take care of it quickly with our podiatry help.
Nursing home & home health care
Our services provide our members and their families with access to in-home healthcare services at affordable rates. There are no waiting periods for pre-existing conditions and no age limit restrictions. They'll have admittance as long as the provider and patient participate in the network.
Hospital network
Participating hospitals and physicians are available for services less than retail price. These services can be coordinated for hospital in-patient, as well as outpatient needs.
Senior care network
Sometimes we need assistance or extended care services to take care of our loved ones. We provide valuable information on elderly care, helpful articles and content to senior care, senior answer reports and mapping of directions to facilities.
Counseling network
Our counseling network is here to listen and assist your members in identifying the cause of their problems. Our certified counselors are trained and can handle any emotional, psychological issue and more.
Alternative care
Members are looking for alternative health options to solve their concerns. Some of the available services offered include acupuncture, aromatherapy, bio feedback, chelation therapy, homeopathy, inofology, kinesiology, magnetic reflexology, psychotherapy, reflexology, reiki, yoga and more.
Online psychologists
Coping with the loss of a loved one or a strained relationship can be difficult. We enable your members to correspond with a psychologist online regarding any mental health question, grief, stress, relationships and more.
Consult A Doctor
24/7 access to a network of US licensed physicians provides specifics to medical questions and advice regarding non-emergency medical conditions. Your members will save money by avoiding unnecessary trips to the doctor's office or emergency room. Along with saving money, they'll be able to make informed decisions as they receive advice from Board Certified, rigorously credentialed and experienced physicians.
Diabetic supplies
With our diabetic savings program, your members will save beyond the retail price for your diabetic medical supplies. They will save on simple order items like testing supplies/devices and product package supplies. Additionally, the product packages include a premier glucose meter, control solution, test strips, lancets and lancing device. Even better, supplies will be shipped regularly, at no additional cost to your members.
Physician referral program
Our physician referral program provides your members and their families with discounts on most healthcare services at over 330,000 physician's offices nationwide. Members get preferred pricing on office visits as well as most treatments performed. Our network will either contact participating physicians on their behalf or provide them with the contact information of participating physicians in their community.
Emergency medical
Members have access to a global network of participating physicians, travel assistance personnel and emergency evaluation benefits if they suffer from a serious injury or illness when traveling more than 100 miles from home. Whether it's medical, travel, or personal related emergencies, travel assist coordinators are available 24 hours a day to help.
Online dietician
Looking to ask a dietician questions without the hassles of making an appointment? Our certified dieticians can help them with managing their weight, help them to eat properly and recommend low-caloric meal plans.


Airfare, vacations & cruises
Receive some of the best savings on popular travel destinations. Save on airfare, vacations and cruises. On cruises, they'll have access to special amenities like free shore excursions, onboard credit, free category upgrades and more, all just for being a member. Our airlines and vacations allow them to take advantage of discounts to major cities. Traveling has never been more of a relief. With the money saved, they'll be able to put it toward their trip.
Auto rental
Need a car to travel to a desired location and don't know who to call? We've got your members covered. Our participating car rentals include National, Alamo, Enterprise, Hertz, Avis and Budget. With the auto rental program, your members have choices!
Hotel card
We make a hotel trouble-free and inexpensive. Your members will be able to spend more time with their friends or family and worry less about the money they're spending. Participating hotels and properties can save up to 50% off the standard non-discounted rack rate.
Hotel stays
Looking to get away for business or pleasure? Hotels can be one of the most expensive parts of your trip. We can help lower your costs when looking for the right hotel. We have access to thousands of properties worldwide. When booking through our website, a certified hotel expert will assist your members, 24/7.
Lost luggage service
There's nothing wrong with having a little added security when traveling. With our luggage tag registration service, your members can be rest assured that if their luggage gets lost, it will be safely returned to them.
Emergency cash
Have they lost their credit card while they're 100 miles from home and stranded without cash? Once their credit cards are registered, your members are eligible to receive (subject to credit approval) up to $500 cash.
Emergency airline tickets
If a thief takes their cash or credit card while 100 miles from home, an airline ticket will be awaiting them at the closest airport for them to fly home.
Personal concierge
We'll assist your members with recovery services, lost or stolen belongings, medical emergencies, getting home fast, interpretation, sending a quick message home, international dining, golf course information, bookings, hotel reservations, gift deliveries, event ticketing, or special occasions.


Tech troubleshooting hotline
Our 24/7 troubleshooting hotline provides your members with access to installation and troubleshooting support for their computers, consumer electronics, appliances, HVAC and much more. If the issue is not resolved by our trained call center agent, they will schedule an onsite service provider to fix the issue at a member-only rate.
Online troubleshooting
Our online database will provide troubleshooting assistance for most appliances, consumer electronics, computer products, digital imaging, exercise equipment, HVAC, office products, home & garden, home theater and phones. Your members can download owner’s manuals or find the hook-up guide for their product. Knowing that PC issues are among the most reoccurring technical issues, we even include an enhanced knowledgebase for online PC troubleshooting that includes software application support, how-to articles, video tutorials and guides to set-up and maintain their PC.
Discounted service network
Receive discounted services on most consumer goods including appliances, consumer electronics, digital imaging, exercise equipment, HVAC, computers, office products, home theaters and home and garden issues. Our hotline schedules onsite technicians from our network of over 35,000 pre-screened, licensed and insured service professionals. Members will be amazed at the savings they'll receive on all their troubleshooting and repair needs.
Extended service warranty
Our extended service warranty prevents the excessive service charges that often result when a product is not serviced correctly the first time. For service performed through our network of professionals, we have tripled the average warranty term of 30 days on a repair to 90 days after the work has been performed.
Microsoft certified remote PC support
Provide your members with secure and unlimited access to tools such as Remote Assistance from one of the country’s premier Computer Help Desks. With their permission, our Microsoft Certified agents can diagnose and fix most of your member’s hardware issues over the phone by remotely connecting to their PC. Resolution to your members PC issues has never been so easy.
Tech recycling
Our tech aide will assist members in a safe and proper recycling of their electronics. We'll even pay them a premium if the product still holds a residual value.

Legal services

Tax hotline
Members will experience unlimited advice on federal taxation via toll-free phone call, fax or email. They'll receive free tax return preparation for basic forms 1040EZ, 1040A and 1040 along with savings on preparation for numerous tax schedules and review of prior year's tax returns. Tax experts are just a phone call away with reliable advice.
Small business tax hotline
Tax return preparation and unlimited toll-free tax related advice for small businesses. These services are significantly discounted and all financial advice is backed by a million dollar liability policy.
Family legal plan
Family Legal Plan offers your members, their spouse’s and eligible dependents access to a nationwide network of attorneys who can assist in all areas of law. Services such as Initial Consultations and Simple Will preparation are provided for free and a variety of other services such as Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Residential Real Estate Closings are provided at special member rates.
Small business legal plan
Small business legal plan members are part of a nationwide network of pre-qualified plan attorneys who give discounts on attorney fees, such as reduced hourly rates, contingency fee discounts and retainers. See your members potentially save hundreds to thousands of dollars off of their next small business legal issue.
Credit counseling
We provide members with credit counseling to help them build, maintain and re-obtain good credit. We offer diverse consultation needs. Our counselors are certified through the association of certified credit counselors, providing your members the best service at all times.
Document registration
As a member, they'll feel secured that all of their documents are in one place. Documents can be registered to members, their spouse and all of their dependants under 25 years of age. Benefits will begin as soon as we receive their registration form.
Credit card registration
As an active member they will be able to register all of their credit cards including their spouse and their dependants less than 25 years of age. All of their information is maintained in a strictly confidential manner.
Household inventory
Household inventory records the member's personal belongings, appliances and valuables room by room. They will be able to know the value of each room and will provide an estimate for damages and assistance with insurance.


Online coupons
Your members can finally put their scissors away as they browse through our coupon inventory and obtain pre-clipped grocery coupons. Online coupons also offer savings of up to 50% off while dining out at thousands of restaurant locations nationwide, to 30% in cash back rebates by shopping through our online shopping mall and savings of up to 50% at exciting theme park destinations.
Flowers & gifts
Flowers & gifts offer floral arrangements and are supported by a customer satisfaction guarantee. Receive discounts on over 1000 floral and non-floral items.
Online farmer's market
Experience the taste of some of the freshest foods that have been perfectly hand selected at the peak of perfection and delivered straight to your doorstep nationwide. Enjoy hand-crafted cheeses, hard to find vegetables or prime cut selections of meat from our leading farmers and ranchers.
Pet Discount Program
Give pets the attention and care they deserve with the saving any budget can handle. Receive discounts off exams, vaccines, office visits, x-rays and surgical procedures. Whether their pet is furry, feathered or covered with scales, we offer the same discounts. We also offer discounts on food, toys, medications, etc. If their pet is prone to wandering, they can register them in our Lost Pet Recovery Service and we will provide the pet with specialized tags that will aid in any future recovery.
Interstate moving & storage
Making the big move from state to state or just down the street? Have your members give us a call and our professional movers will assist them. As a member, they'll receive preferred discounts that are only available to them. Moving is expensive, but it doesn't have to be, if they know who to call.
Budget™ truck rental
Budget trucks allow them to move themselves and use our trucks to start the new chapter in their life. Budget is provided by a comprehensive network of support and literally has thousands of Budget dealers nationwide.
Change of address service
Changing an address can be a real headache. Our e-move provides a one stop shop to change their address, to ensure their mail will be delivered to the proper location that your member desires.
Lost key service
Stop worrying about the security of a car, home or valuables and the hassles of changing locks when losing keys. All they have to do is attach the key ring to their keys and be protected. Just complete the form and your members keys will be registered for an easy find.
Tradesman referral service
Arranging for home services has never been so easy. They will be able to receive reliable repairs 24 hours a day. Research shows that homeowners spend 1-3% of the price of their home on repairs and renovations. It is inevitable that your members will have repairs and we'll be here to assist them in scheduling the right services at times that fit any schedule.
Gourmet food
The gourmet food program allows your members to purchase a variety of pork, beef, poultry, fruit, nuts and cheesecakes at a discount. Some of the available items include sirloin steaks, t-bones, porterhouse steaks, rib eye steaks; center cut pork chops, baby back ribs, New York strip steaks, lobster tails, smoked turkey and more.
Grocery coupon book
Consumers saved 1.7 billion dollars last year in their grocery shopping by using coupons. Your members will have the opportunity to select coupons they want from our inventory of coupons. We have created a distribution method for your members to receive all the coupons they desire.

Car care

New auto quotes &
We provide instant car quotes on the make and model your members are looking for, along with the price they want. Shopping for a new car has never been easier. They'll get an exact quote of the new car to make sure they're getting the right deal.
Used auto quotes
Find the value of a used car or trade in with our valuable used car analysis. They can use this information to either make a reasonable offer on the purchase of a used car, or to sell their own used car privately.
Tires & rims
One of the most important and most expensive parts of your vehicle is replacing the tires and rims. Members are able to purchase their tires and rims for their vehicle through our buying network at reduced prices. Provide our customer service representative with their member ID number, brand, style and size of the tire or rim they desire and before they know it, they'll be on their way.
Emergency roadside
The emergency roadside assistance is intended to assist members with disabled vehicles. We provide towing service, flat tire repair, and assistance in getting your car started. We will bring gas if your car runs out or help when you're stuck in a ditch, mud, or snow. Life throws curveballs, but with the protection of emergency roadside assistance, it's one less thing for them to worry about.
Emergency lockout service
If your members or their spouses lock their keys in their car or lose their keys, we will make arrangements for lockout service.
Mechanic hotline
When your members need auto assistance at anytime, our mechanic hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our technicians are ASE certified mechanics that are experienced in all of their future car needs.
MAACO offers free estimates on paint, rust and body work. Their certified collision centers represent some of the best in the industry. MAACO prides itself on the highest standards of quality repairs and superior levels of concern for your members. Your members simply present their membership card at the point of sale to receive the discount.
Jiffy Lube
Jiffy Lube provides consistent and exceptional customer service with our convenient locations. We will make sure their engine is up to speed and properly lubricated. When your members arrive at one of our locations, they simply identify themselves as part of our program to receive discounts.
Meineke offers discounts off an exhaust system repair, shocks & struts, coil springs, CV joints, front-end alignment service and 5% off tires and batteries at all participating Meineke locations nationwide. Just present the membership card at the time of estimate and see the savings.
Grease Monkey
A full service oil change at Grease Monkey comes standard with new oil and filter, interior vacuuming, exterior window wash and tire pressure check. Let Grease Monkey make your members feel safe on the road with a full service oil change, available at a discounted rate.


Golf card & directory
Experience exclusive savings on green fees, cart rentals and golf memberships on the next golf outing. Keep costs in the fairway with our member-only discounts. Now, they will just need to decide where to play their round of golf.
Online golf directory
The golf directory features complete course offerings, phone numbers and addresses, and amenities of each course. As a member, they will have access to play at all the golf courses listed in the online golf directory at up to half the retail course price. They'll also find that we are constantly adding new challenging golf courses to our program.
Be a part of our exclusive magazine discount program of nearly 60% off newsstand prices. We offer most top magazines to suit all the lifestyles of our members.
Movie tickets
Our members receive up to 40% off movie tickets. They'll be able to use their extra savings on snacks and popcorn.
Online dining certificates
Your members will enjoy our restaurant savings program. We offer discounts to more than 18,000 restaurants nationwide.
Theme park coupons
Save up to 20% off ticket prices at many theme parks nationwide. Now your members can get in line and enjoy the thrill of riding roller coasters and other amusement park rides.

Identity protection

Identity monitoring
Our unique and proprietary methadology proactively searches thousands of financial and non-financial data sources and hundreds of billions of records to detect the early stages of identity theft. This proactive system monitors over 50 identity theft identifiers. If suspicious activity is detected, we will notify your member by a personal phone call, making it easier to quickly implement the follow-up steps and limit potential damages.
Identity risk scoring
Our identity risk score is derived by searching billions of records. The risk score indicates their level of risk at the time the score is generated. Once members have identified their risk, they can take the first step to managing it.
Identity theft restoration
With our Unlimited Service Guarantee, if your members become victim to identity theft, we administer the costly steps to dispute fraudulent information and our trained specialists will take all the necessary steps to restore their good name and pre-theft condition. Additionally, we connect the member with up to a 60-minute telephone consultation with both a certified credit and financial counselor and an attorney.
Our newsletter provides members with all the tools to enable them to be pro-active in protecting their personal information. Our newsletter is a great online resource for the latest information on identity scams, privacy issues and tools that can help protect the members and their families.

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